The compassionate space for larger-bodied patients

to access healthcare and community

get connected

Everything from the waiting room chairs to medical equipment to staff expertise is designed specifically to meet the needs of larger-bodied patients without stigma or bias prevalent in medical spaces.

The first step to healing is being in a space that feels safe - a space that welcomes every part of you as you are. You are not a problem to be fixed.

The American healthcare system has prevented larger-bodied people from accessing healthcare that encompasses their whole self. We know there are many determinants of health and at Boundless Body Collective, we assess them all without biases you’ve likely experienced in other spaces. 

A community space 
   that provides inclusive 
    healthcare in Massachusetts.

Here you will find...

Body Liberation

Fat Liberation

Trauma-Informed Care

Gender-Affirming Care


Eating Disorder Care

For those seeking Healthcare:

Occupational Therapy

Mental Health

Primary Care and Family Medicine

Eating Disorders Care

For those seeking Community:


Affinity Spaces



“Being in an environment where people know what it feels like to be me.”

“That there are people out there who actually considered this concept is truly amazing.”

“Being treated as a person who deserves care sounds amazing. I’m actually tearing up right now just thinking about the possibility of somewhere that specifically calls out that I am worthy of healthcare.”

“I feel like I wouldn’t be judged by professionals or people in the waiting room. That my weight wouldn’t be the only thing discussed during the visit.”

The Boundless Body Collective Team


Olivia Montgomery

As a fat person and a healthcare provider, I know personally and professionally the negative ways that larger-bodied folks have been treated in healthcare spaces. I'm here to tell you that you deserve better.

As the founder of Boundless Body Collective, I'm committed to making healthcare accessible and safe for those in all bodies.

Follow along as we grow...

September 2021

Olivia conducts market research in New England

January 2023

Boundless Body Collective begins searching for the right space

March 2022

May 2022

Boundless Body Collective searches for an MD owner or co-owner

Olivia gets the first round of funding to bring Boundless Body Collective to life

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